Chairman of the Cricket ACT Board, John Miller, spoke at the closing ceremony on Friday to all of the participating teams. 

"We have been very fortunate to have great conditions (for cricket)" Miller said

"Teams have come from all over (ACT & NSW) and it is fantastic that we able to attract teams to come to Canberra (for the Kookaburra Cup) and hopefully they keep coming back."

There were a number of individual awards to handout to celebrate some great achievements from all three days of competition. 

The first award was the Spirit of Cricket which is presented to someone who  best captured the essence of the Canberra Park Kookaburra Cup; enjoyment, encouragement and sportsmanship.

The winner of the Spirit of Cricket award for this year was to Lachlan Hambrook from Queanbeyan Bluebags.

See below for a list of all the individual awards winners. 


Batter(s) of the Tournament award - Ryan Wunsch (No Salad, Thanks!) and Zak Keogh (Far South Coast)

Bowler of the Tournament award - Minal Jayawarandna (CWS Smashers)

Fielder of the Tournament - Vansh Darji (Westfields Sports)

Junior Umpire of the tournament - Mansib Zaman


Miller also presented the winning team of each age group with their trophy. See below for all of the winning teams from the tournament. 

Under 12's Plate

Runner-Up - Concord Briars White

Winners - North Shore

Under 12's Cup

Runner-Up - CWS Smasherse

Winners - North Shore Kookaburras

Under 14's Plate

Runner-Up - Far South Coast

Winners - Wests Dare Devils

Under 14's Cup

Runner-Up - Shoalhaven

Winners - NDCA

Under 16's Plate

Runner-Up - Concord Briars Gold

Winners - Hornsby Blues

Under 16's Cup

Runner-Up - Canberra United

Winners - Bluebags Invitation XI