Cricket ACT have welcomed two new Life Members – Billy Floros and Mark Vergano.

John Miller, Cricket ACT Chairman indicated it was a fantastic occasion and paid tribute to the contribution that both men had made to the CBR cricket community. ‘For more than a decade both Billy and Mark have been two of the driving forces behind cricket in the region. Their personal contributions have been transformative, Billy through his work in building Indoor Cricket to the point that our Men’s team are the national champions and Mark via his work as CEO evolving the association to the strong position we now see today. We warmly welcome them as Life Members and congratulate them on their outstanding achievements and wonderful contributions to cricket in Canberra and the region

Billy Floros

Whilst on duty managing the Australian National Team in Dubai Billy addressed the AGM via video link.

He said ‘It is an honour to be inducted as a life member of CACT and I am thankful to Cricket ACT for the recognition. It doesn’t happen without the support of several people in the background who have helped me grow and maintain my passion for the game.  In outdoor cricket, I would like to recognise Tuggeranong Cricket Club, John Evans and the many great friends at the club. From an indoor perspective, I have been blessed to have several wonderful coaches and managers, particularly Marie Hart who has been a wonderful support.  Of course, the players who keep me fresh and invigorated and, over the past three years, have achieved so much!

Finally, I am thankful to my brothers Con and Tony - they introduced me to the game and developed my passion for indoor cricket. I love the game and will be involved in some capacity for the rest of my life!

Nominated by the Indoor Cricket Committee

  • 16 consecutive National Championships with the Rockets (as a player and captain)
  • In 2000 Billy became the second player from the ACT to represent Australia in Indoor Cricket, playing for four seasons (two as vice-captain of the national team)
  • Vice President of Tuggeranong Valley Cricket Club for three seasons
  • Head coach of the Rockets from 2008 to current day
  • Coach of winning Rockets team in 2015, 2017 (runners up 2016)

Mark Vergano

Mark Vergano, who was CEO of the association from 2002 to 2015 (and is still involved with ANU and the Umpires and Scorers Council) paid tribute to the many people that supported him on the journey, "It's a great personal honour but you don't do it on your own. You do it working with great people, with boards and chairmen, working with great staff, which it makes it worthwhile."

He identified infrastructure development, player production and the growth of the Abode Hotels ACT Meteors as the achievements he is most proud of. "We put together over $17 million worth of projects in the time I was at Cricket ACT, between Manuka Oval lights, Manuka Oval reconstruction, Phillip Oval Development and local community projects. You can look at all those with satisfaction, and the players that were produced through the teamwork of our high performance department which was outstanding"

"We got the Meteors up and running. It had been 13 years since we'd had a first-class women's team. Not only do you start them but you see them consolidate and grow to where they're a great chance this year where they're a great chance of winning the WNCL which would be fantastic to see!’

Nominated by the ANU Cricket Club

  • CEO of Cricket ACT from 2002 to 2015
  • Oversaw the development of Manuka Oval (lights and surface upgrade) elevating the ground to ICC status
  • Established the Meteors in the WNCL
  • Supported the acquisition of International and Domestic matches to the ACT
  • Delivered a record number of players contracted by other states – Lyon, Behrendorff, Carters, Floros, Rogers, Irvine, Devlin
  • Leader of the promotion of disability cricket in Australia
  • Developed a number of staff that continue to make a positive contribution to Australian Cricket in other S/T’s (Simon Helmot, Ashley Ross, Sean Williams, Marcus Pamplin)