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Australia Cricket Infrastructure Fund

The Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund (ACIF) is available to all member clubs of Cricket ACT to apply and seek funding to improve or create new cricket facilities within the ACT region. The ACIF is designed to enhance permanent cricket facilities to support the continuous growth of the game. Clubs interested in applying for potential funding should review the terms and conditions of the ACIF or contact to discuss your facility requirements. A link to the ACIF is located below plus several FAQs to assist with deliberations. Additional links are included for those wishing to apply for funding.

Cricket Australia ACIF Page

Apply for ACIF Funding up to $10,000

Apply for ACIF Funding up to $30,000

ACIF Frequently Asked Questions

Looking After Our Kids: Safeguarding Children and Young People

Australian Cricket is committed to ensuring that every cricket participant, including children and young people, participates in our sport free of abuse, harassment, bullying or any other form of inappropriate conduct. Australian Cricket’s Looking After Our Kids details cricket’s commitment to safeguarding children and young people and other resources in the safeguarding of children and young people in our sport.

Cricket ACT's Child Safety Officer, Leah Mirabella, can be contacted on 0411 548 026 or at

Safeguarding Children and Young People

Code of behaviour for Affiliated Associations and Clubs

Action Plan Checklist

Child Safety Flowchart for responding to incidents, disclosures and suspicions for Affiliated Associations and Clubs