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ACTive Cricket Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand ACTive Cricket’s Terms and Conditions.

  • At their sole discretion, ACTive Cricket staff and coaches reserve the right to restrict clients to a particular activity.
  • ACTive Crickets’ coaches are subject to change without notice.
  • ACTive Cricket reserves the right to change or cancel any sessions if necessary.
  •  In the unlikely event that a clinic or session is cancelled by ACTive Cricket due to insufficient numbers, at minimum of 48 hours’ notice will be given and a refund or credit towards another program may be offered.


ACTive Cricket reserves the right to change any of the program details including locations, dates and times at any point in time should it be required. ACTive Cricket reserves the right to not accept any registration in its absolute discretion.

Privacy Policy

ACTive Cricket respects the privacy of the personal information it collects, uses and discloses in relation to participants. The personal information collected is used for processing your registration and providing you with cricket related information only.



  • ACTive Cricket’s programs require an up-front payment for the total value of the package.
  •  Booking and payment is to be completed prior to any ACTive Cricket training sessions or programs.

Cancellation and Refund Policies


  • For cancellations, more than 1 day prior to the commencement of an Academy Term, a full refund, less a $20 administration fee, will be given.
  • For cancellations, less than 1 day prior to the commencement or occur 15 days after an Academy Term has commenced, a full refund, less a $200 administration fee, will be given.
  • For cancellations that occur 15 days after an Academy Term has commenced, except on production of a medical certificate, a refund will not be given.
  • All cancellations are to be provided in writing and sent via email to with the outcome determined at the sole discretion of ACTive Cricket staff.

Development Clinics

  • For cancellations, more than 3 days prior to the commencement of a clinic, a full refund, less a $20 administration fee, will be given.
  • For cancellations, less than 3 days prior to the commencement or that occur once a clinic has commenced, except on production of a medical certificate, a refund will not be given.
  • All cancellations are to be provided in writing and sent via email to with the outcome determined at the sole discretion of ACTive Cricket staff. Production of medical certificates within 3 days from the commencement of a program or academy will warrant a credit for a future clinic at the same value or cash refund.

Medical Clearance and Consent

  • If your child has a medical condition you are strongly advised to seek a registered medical practitioner’s advice before booking.
  • If your child has a medical condition and is unable to obtain clearance from a registered medical practitioner, then he/she cannot participate in our programs.
  • In the event of any accident or illness, the parent/guardian authorises any medical assistance/hospital treatment that your child may require. You accept full responsibility for all expenses incurred.
  • By enrolling your child/children, you declare that your child/children are fit to participate in all activities and consent to release ACTive Cricket, Cricket ACT & all staff from any claim or liability arising directly or indirectly from the programmed activities. You also indemnify ACTive Cricket against responsibility for any accident, loss, injury, illness or death suffered by your child/children during these activities.

Safety Rules and Regulations

  • You understand that it is expected that your children’s behaviours will be exemplary always for the safe conduct of the event
  • If at any time the supervisor/coach considers your child is jeopardising the safety of others and/or disrupting the event, then he/she may be asked to stop participating until further notice. ACTive Cricket staff will contact parents/guardians to provide a full report of the incident.

Wet Weather Policy

  • Cancellation of an event due to wet weather is dependent on the location of the particular event.
  •  Please do not contact ACTive Cricket as we will be in touch with you via the provided email address to notify you of any cancellations.
  • If you do not hear from ACTive Cricket, the event will run as normal. ACTive Cricket staff will make every endeavour to continue the clinic or sessions but will ensure the health and safety of participants is a high priority.
  • Where an event is located with the option of indoor facilities, the event will not be cancelled.
  • In the event of weather conditions preventing program day(s) from occurring, fees lost due to only those particular days affected will be transferred to the next available clinic you can attend.

Heat Policy

35 degrees and above the following procedures will be adopted:

  • Children will receive information on importance of being sensible in hot weather.
  • Activity intensity will be reduced.
  • Sessions will be limited to a maximum of 45 minutes. Drink breaks will be more frequent.
  • Children at any time can rest or have a drinks break when needed.
  • During rostered breaks children, will be asked to rest & there is to be no activity during this time.
  • Program Leader will communicate with group coaches about any children affected by heat.
  • Water and sports drink (such as Gatorade or PowerAde) will be supplied for children to refill drink bottles.

 Parents/Guardians can assist by:

  • Ensuring their child is hydrated properly the night before the first day of a program.
  • Ensuring their child has a hat.
  • Ensuring their child has sunscreen on.
  • Not sending your child is he/she is sick.
  • Ensuring their child has a drink bottle.
  • Ensuring their child hydrates every other night during the program.


  • ACTive Cricket staff may take photos on the day for promotional marketing purposes and media publications relating solely to ACTive Cricket. Photos/images will not be provided to third parties and only first names will be attached to any photo of a child. Unless specified otherwise upon registration, ACTive Cricket reserves the right to use their content for advertising purposes.

Liability for Injury

In submitting a registration form, the participant and their parent or guardian acknowledges that participating in ACTive Cricket carries with it inherent dangers and/or risks of physical injury. This includes serious injury such as permanent disability, paralysis and even death.

The participant and their parent or guardian understand that the participant is voluntarily participating in the clinic with knowledge of the potential dangers and/or risks involved.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the participant and their parent or guardian waive, release, indemnify and forever discharge ACTive Cricket (as well as their directors, employees, sponsors, volunteers, agents and representatives) from and against any and all claims and/or loss and/or cause of action arising from any injury, death, loss or damage of any kind suffered by the participant or any third party arising directly or indirectly from the participants’ involvement or participation in ACTive Cricket.

Punctuality, Attendance and Participation

  • All ACTive Cricket programs have been designed to ensure the safety of all participants.
  • It is your responsibility for your child to arrive in time for the commencement of the event. A warm up is a vital component prior to physical exercise.
  • You understand that you are responsible for the transportation of your child to and from ACTive Cricket’s programs and the supervision before the commencement of the event and after the conclusion.


  • ACTive Cricket aims to only host nut-free events. In the interests of all involved in this event, please ensure that products containing nuts are not brought on the day/s your child will be attending. This ensures the safely of all the kids. Whilst ACTive Cricket staff will endeavour to ensure the event is nut-free, this cannot be guaranteed. Those who suffer from nut, or any other type of allergies, are advised to bring any medical treatment required in the event of an emergency and that a parent/guardian inform ACTive Cricket staff on its procedure, dosage and/or use.

Lost Property

  • Participants will be responsible for their own belongings. We advise children not to bring any valuables with them (iPhones, iPads, Wallets, toys etc.)
  • ACTive Cricket will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any property.

Informed Consent

  • By completing any registration forms online, you give your consent that you have read this document in its entirety, understand and accept all terms and conditions and code of conduct. Any form of booking and/or participating in an ACTive Cricket program, including submitting the online booking forms is classed as consent.


ACTive Crickets’ Responsibilities:

  • Develop high quality, child friendly programs that appropriately cater for the needs of the children involved.
  • Provide safe equipment for participants to use that are regularly checked.
  • Ensure that all employees and volunteers have been checked and supplied ACTive Cricket with a Working with Vulnerable People clearance number.
  • Provide an environment that is free from bullying and harassment and if bullying and/or harassment are recognised, all efforts will be made to appropriately manage the situation.
  • If necessary, first aid is applied to any participant that requires it.

Participants/Parent/Caregiver Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all participants partake in a way that enables the enjoyment of all involved.
  • ACTive Cricket’s rules and regulations in regards to activity and safety rules are adhered to. This will ensure the safety and wellbeing of all involved.
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for arranging transport of the participant to and from the venue and for prompt collection of the participant from the venue following the conclusion of the session. ACTive Cricket bear no responsibility in those respects.
  • Payments are made when required and terms and conditions are accepted prior to participation.