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Indoor Cricket

Representative Teams

ACT enters representative teams into the Indoor Cricket National Championships in the Juniors, Masters and Opens divisions. Trial dates are announced in the news section of our website and on the Cricket ACT Facebook page.


Clothing Sizes

For our selected players in need of assistance with clothing sizes, please use the ISC sizing chart:


2020 Australian Open Championships

Date: Saturday 27th of June to Saturday 4th of July

Location: Casey Stadium & CitiPower Centre, Melbourne, Victoria

Open Mens

#82 Matthew Floros (c) 
#73 Vinesh Bennett 
#85 Luke Ryan 
#91 Timmy Floros 
#94 Sam Dwyer 
#95 Benji Floros 
#96 Brock Winkler 
#97 Alexander Floros 
#103 Tyler Van Luin 
#105 Brad Thomas 
#106 Dylan Faram
#107 Brad Kwong

21 & Under

Ethan Fitzpatrick
Dean Wheelwright
David O'Keefe Jnr
Tom Seaman
Minh Ngo
Isaac Deeker
Daniel Oshyer
Brad Millynn
Kyle Hyauiason
Owen Levings
Isaac Hudson


2020 Australian Masters Championships

Date: Saturday 23rd of May to Saturday 30th of May

Location: Palmerston Indoor Sports Centre, Darwin, Northern Territory

40 & Over Men

Billy Floros
Vinesh Bennett
Jason Hays
Francis Mason
Tony Ashworth
Michael McEwan
Jon Harris
Phil Marchant
Andrew Christian
Russell Swindells
Michael Wescombe
Adrian Brunker

45 & Over Men

Preston Hart
Rod May
Alex Kwong
Rod Melmoth
Michael Ferris
Marty Bennett
Richard Osborne
Guy Randell
Pete Lovett
Rod Phillips
Cade Williams
Michael Gunn

50 & Over Men

Stephen Moore
Ted Hempstead
Leroy Jerrim 
Tim Hunter
Bill Turner
Chris Henry
Ian Hamill
Greg Quilliam
Ron Shean
Chris Levings
Richard Austin
Joe Gunning

2020 Australian Junior Championships

Date: Saturday 4th of July to Saturday 11th of July

Location: Casey Stadium, Melbourne, Victoria


13 & Under Boys

Coach: Stefano Mammoliti

14 & Under Girls 

Coach: Sue Rebus

15 & Under Boys

Coach: David O'Keefe Snr

17 & Under Boys

Coach: Brock Winkler

17 & Under Girls

Coach: Adrian Brunker