Rookie Program Rationale & Selection Criteria

This 10-week bespoke program provides selected players with an opportunity to further their development across all aspects of the game. The holistic nature of this program is important, given that athletic (and off field) development and success is multifaceted in nature. Squads have been deliberately capped to ensure that there is a suitable player-to-coach ratio and one that is conducive to giving each player individual attention and support.

Whilst the identification, selection and prognosis of success in sport can be challenging, Cricket ACT High Performance Staff have carefully selected the Junior and Senior Rookie squads using the following criteria:

- Perceived attributes to play at a higher level

- Careful consideration of a player’s character and their alignment to the Comets/Meteors core values

- Cognitive and psychological predictors including decision-making capabilities, game intelligence, desire to improve and degree of motivation

- Whilst runs, wickets and fielding performances are important, the potential long-term development of players has been prioritised


Rookies - Senior

Archie Wearne

Blake McCarten

Zak Keogh

Blake Faunce

Lachie Reid

Jack Stokes

Jack Sanson

Callum Smith

Tom Kellar

Felix Bennett

Kai Bryant

Lachie Malcolm

Dillion Brick

Rookies - Junior

Jake Smith

Ansh Tiwary

Kai Brunker

Akshay Joseph

Raakin Rahman

Amber Smith

Nat Miller

Rachel Carroll

Alana Horsfall

Stella Wilde

James Haley

Nick Kent

Bridgette Anabel

Sarah Quilty


Erin Osborne

Bjorn Pfieffer

Adrian Brunker

Josh Watling

Michael Barrington (S&C)

Jake Floros

Kyle Piper