In 2019/20 the ACT saw huge strides in female cricket participation including a 66% increase in girls partaking in the Woolworths Cricket Blast program. As a whole, Woolworths Cricket Blast registrations increased by 24% in the ACT, putting the total number of participants now over 1,000. This is a credit to club volunteers and their focus on providing opportunities for young boys and girls to join their club.

In club cricket, junior cricket in the ACT increased by 11% to 186 teams and senior cricket has grown to 3,652 participants, an increase of 9% compared to last season.

Area Manager for Southern NSW and ACT, Martin Gleeson, said “The growth of senior registration participation through social cricket offerings and hard wicket competitions is a great outcome and reinforces the importance of this segment to the playing landscape in the ACT.”

The number of children participating in school programs also grew by 8%, from 22,057 to 23,821 participants, showing that teachers are dedicated to creating a culture of cricket in schools.

These results are especially pleasing when reflecting over a season full of disturbances due to bushfires, air quality and the end of the season coming to a premature end due to COVID-19.

“The way many of our clubs and associations embraced our staff uplift to work together to get through the season was really the key to cricket’s success in NSW and the ACT. We love working closely with our clubs and are delighted that those we worked closely with saw such positive results so quickly,” said Ivan Spyrdz, General Manager, Cricket NSW Community Cricket.

Overall NSW/ACT is once again the No.1 state for participation in Australian Cricket, with 493,121 participating. This is a 12.3% increase, amounting to 53,815 on the previous year’s mark of 439,306. NSW/ACT also had the highest total number of females with 157,399, making up 31.9% of state participation during 2019/20. This is up from 124,857 the previous season, an increase of 32,542.

Gleeson stated “These outcomes are evidence that the community in the ACT region has a strong appetite for cricket at a grassroots level.

Last year we introduced the Junior Cricket Growth Strategy which was adopted by the Cricket ACT Board. It’s great to see the work that was done on the strategy by our Community Cricket team and club volunteers is paying off in a very tangible way.

We also can’t thank our local volunteers, teachers and administrations enough. Their tireless efforts have helped us get to this point and we’re grateful to be in a position to better support them moving forward.”

The Junior Cricket Growth Strategy for 2019 – 2023 can be downloaded here.

To see Cricket Australia’s national data and read more about how the 2019/20 Australian Cricket Census was conducted, visit their website.