In a remarkable feat, ACT/Southern Districts won all four of the NSW Country Championships titles (Boys – U16 and U19) and (Girls – U16 and U19) this month, with the U19 boys capping it off last Thursday. All went through their respective tournaments undefeated except the U19 boys whose final game was called off due to a COVID related matter.

The U16 Boys finished the seven round Bradman Cup competition undefeated and Jake Smith from the ACT was also named Player of the Championship after his stellar performance.

Performance Highlights:

Round 1 (50 over) – A Tiwary 55, A Joseph 65*, J Haley 5/9

Round 2 (T20) – J Smith 3/7

Round 3 (T20) – S Lever 3/10

Round 4 (50 over) – A Joseph 120*

Round 5 (50 over) – J Haley 3/18, J Smith 56*

Round 6 (50 over) – J Smith 5/16

Round 7 (50 over) – J Smith 3/12, K Brunker 3/16


In the McDonalds Country Colts tournament, the U19 Boys won four out of their five games with their last game declared a draw.  Coach of the team, Peter Solway, said “The boys came together as a team and displayed a ‘never say die’ attitude. It was a delight to be involved with such an excellent group of young men”.

Performance Highlights:

Round 1 (50 over) – Z Keogh 89, B Faunce 3/7, H O’Rourke 3/28

Round 2 (T20) – A Wearne 4/11, L Bugden 3/19

Round 3 (T20) – Z Maron 5/9

Round 4 (50 over) – Z Keogh 56, D Waters 67*, F Bennett 3/22


The U16 Girls won the McDonalds U16 Country Championships for the third time in the last 4 seasons, having also won in 18/19 and 19/20.

Performance Highlights:

Round 1 – A Smith 4/17, C McGann 2/7, R Carroll 2/8

Round 2 – A Smith 2/4, A Horsfall 32*

Round 3 – S Wilde 3/6, E Rebus 2/9, R Carroll 2/16

Final – C McGann 3/9 (Player of the Final), C Fogarty 2/11


The U19 Girls also won their division of the McDonalds Country Championships. It was their second year in a row and similar to the U16s Girls and Boys, they finished the tournament undefeated. 

Michael Minns, Coach of both the U16 and U19 girls said, “I’m really proud that the girls were able to come out and play fearless cricket across both weeks. The U16s were a class above and played with poise and polish. Having a couple younger players come up and earn the experience of playing in the U19s was fantastic and I thought the whole team really bonded together well.”

Performance Highlights:

Round 1 (40 over) – A Smith 2/6, S Wilde 32*

Round 2 (T20) – A Smith 2/7, J Bassett 2/13,

Round 3 (T20) – M Gair 3/5, J Galeano 3/6, C Galeano 48*

Round 4 (T20) – A Horsfall 49, M Gair 3/23, S Wilde 2/14

Final (T20) – M Gair 2/13, Grace Lyons 32* (Player of the Final)


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