Weston Creek Molonglo v Western District-UC

Weston Creek Molonglo played Western District-UC at Manuka Oval, Weston Creek Molonglo batted first with the scorecard reading 3/9. Number 10 batsman Aidan Cowie topped the scorecard making 25 runs, with Western District-UC’s Ethan Bartlett leading the bowling attack taking an impressive 5/31 off 9.1 overs, supported by Josh Corbett taking 3/12 off 10 overs. Weston Creek were bowled out for 86 runs.

Western District-UC found themselves at 2/23 early into the innings until Ethan Bartlett arrived at the crease, hitting a superb 141 runs off 154 balls, supported by Brendan Duffy on 47. The pair had a 137-run partnership taking the scorecard from 5/88 to 6/225, securing dominance for Wests. Daniel McLean topped the bowling attack taking 3/33 off 10.1 overs but the team was unable to control the Wests run rate. Western District-UC were bowled out for 315, having a commanding lead of 229 runs entering the second innings.

Pressure was placed on Weston Creek to make at least 230 runs to avoid Western District-UC wining outright. The batting order rose to the challenge with captain John Rogers making 50 runs, supported by Ben de Carvalho making 24 runs. Unfortunately, the second half of the batting order could not stand to West’s bowling attack with the scorecard with Wests taking the tail without a run conceded. Wests Matt McGann led the bowling attack taking 4/22 off 15 overs, supported by Josh Corbett taking 3/35 off 6.2 overs, with Ethan Bartlett also taking two wickets to finish with 7 wickets for the match, on top of his 141 runs while batting. Weston Creek Molonglo were bowled out for 136 runs, 94 runs short of their target and handing the outright victory to Western District-UC

Western District-UC won outright by 93 runs and an innings.

North Canberra-Gungahlin v Ginninderra

North Canberra-Gungahlin opened the batting with Josh Low-McMahon top scoring with 33 runs, supported by Sam Taylor on 22 runs. The batting order could not stand up to the bowling attack of Ginninderra with Jarryd Hatton taking 4/13 off 9.1 overs before being removed for dangerous bowling, supported by Jak Willcox taking 3/21 off 6.3 overs. Norths were bowled out for 94 at the end of their first innings.

Ginninderra replied strongly with captain Rhys Healy making 50 off 55 balls, supported by Jordie Misic making 47 runs. Norths Finlay McGurk led the bowling taking 2/49 after 11 overs. Captain Healy chose to declare at the end of the 41st over with the scorecard showing 5/195. Ginninderra had a lead of 101 runs at the end of their first innings putting all the pressure back onto Norths.

Norths had visions of their first innings with the scorecard showing 2/6 early into the innings, until Chamod Herath took to the crease making an impressive 86 runs. This performance however was not repeated by the remaining order quickly toppling to the bowling of Ginninderra. Jak Willcox led the bowling attack taking 4/34 off 13 overs, supported by Hatton on 4/61 after 20 overs, including 7 maidens. North Canberra-Gungahlin were bowled out for 174, leading to Ginninderra only requiring 75 runs to seal victory for both innings.

Ginninderra’s Matthew Hogan led the run chase making 25 runs, supported by Jordie Misic on 22 runs. Norths bowled valiantly to get the order out before they reached their target, with Sam Taylor taking 1/18 off 6 overs, supported by McGurk on 1/24 after 6 overs. Ginninderra reached their target after 21 overs with the scorecard showing 3/75, giving outright victory to Ginninderra sending them to the top of the table.

Ginninderra won outright by 7 wickets.

Queanbeyan v ANU

Queanbeyan took the crease first with a shaky start, with the scorecard reading 2/10 early into the innings. An impressive partnership of 207 runs from Dean Solway and Vele Dukoski changed the status of the game, until Solway was bowled for 66 runs with Dukoski falling shortly afterwards for a superb 150 runs off 171 balls. ANU’s Scott Murn was the only bowler able to break through the defence of Queanbeyan taking 3/41 off 17.1 overs. Queanbeyan completed their innings on 338 runs.

ANU attempted to chase the hefty target created by Queanbeyan but were unable to create a steady rhythm with Scott Murn topping the scorecard on 23 runs. Jack Allen led the bowling attack taking an impressive 4/13, including 9 maidens, supported by Tyler Van Luin taking 4/32 off 17 overs. ANU were bowled out for 110, falling 229 runs short of their target.

Queanbeyan won by 229 runs in the first innings.

Tuggeranong Valley v Eastlake

Eastlake opened the batting, with a shaky start and the scorecard showing 2/4 early into the innings it was unsure how the innings would pan out. Adam Tett topped the scorecard making an impressive 78 not out, supported by Jack Adams on 28. Tuggeranong’s Shane Devoy led the bowing attack taking 3/51 off 24 overs, supported by Adam Onus taking 2/20 off 9 overs. Eastlake were bowled out for 205 runs at the end of their innings.

Tuggeranong Valley replied strongly with Tim Floros leading the batting order making 55 runs, supported by number 9 batsman Craig Devoy on 35 runs. Eastlake’s bowling attack by Nikhil Mathai taking 3/30 off 11 overs, as well as Praveen Mathai taking 3/68 off 17 overs. Tuggeranong Valley were finished with 172 runs at the end of their innings.

Eastlake came out to bat their second innings with captain Paul O’Malveney topping the scorecard at 21 not out, with Tuggeranong’s Tim Floros leading the bowling attack taking 1/4 after 5 overs. With the scorecard showing 2/58, the match ended with no outright result possible late in the afternoon.

Eastlake won by 33 runs in the first innings.

Halfway through the Douglas Cup, the ladder shows Ginninderra in the lead, followed closely by Weston Creek Molonglo.

1st Ginninderra – 16 pts

2nd Weston Creek Molonglo – 16 pts

3rd Tuggeranong Valley – 12 pts

4th Western District-UC – 12 pts

5th Eastlake – 12pts

6th Queanbeyan – 8 pts

7th ANU – 6pts

8th North Canberra-Gungahlin 0 pts