Ahead of next week's matches against Tasmania Tigers and Queensland Fire, we caught up with Zoe Cooke to discuss her pre-season training and how the ACT Meteors are feeling about the 2018/19 season. Cooke has returned to the Meteors five years after signing a rookie contract as a 17 year-old

"The fitness side of it has been a lot harder, so I feel a lot better for that side, a lot stronger, fitter," explains Cooke.

She highlights the importance of the new High Performance Centre at Phillip Oval to her development and training, as well as the talent of the coaching staff including James Allsopp. 

"Skills-wise, having someone like James Allsopp as our coach, he’s just incredible with small things he picks up," 

"It’s really good that we’ve got the indoor facility, last time we did pre-season like five years ago it was just at a basketball indoor centre and that was it so now we get a full pre-season through winter, [with] proper synthetic nets it’s been really good."

Zoe Cooke_Ahead of Round 1_FINAL

Now 22 years-old and wiser, Cooke knows how important the pre-season is to both her personally and the team as a whole.

The ACT Meteors went on a three day camp in July where they did a 'Triple H' (hero, highlight, hurt) session, ADFA high ropes course, scavenger hunt and late night training sessions to strengthen the bond of the girls. She describes the three day bonding camp as a great way to gel the girls together and ensure there is cohesion within the team. 

"Everyone’s put in 100% for training, fitness-wise, skills-wise, so hopefully it’s our year this year."

Zoe is looking forward to the season ahead with aspirations for the team being worthy of taking out the final.

Upcoming Games:

Tasmania Tigers v ACT Meteors

Friday 21st September 9:30am

AB Field

Queensland Fire v ACT Meteors

Sunday 23rd September 9:30am

AB Field

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