This year, February 1 marks our first Donate for Jake round for ACT Premier Cricket, where all members of the Cricket ACT community are urged to become a life-saving donor. Each donation can help save three lives, lives of people just like Jake. 


Find out Jake's story here


Becoming a donor is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

1. Register a blood donor account online if you don’t already have one.

2. Join our Lifeblood Team by following the link in the top right corner after you’ve logged in — just search Donate for Jake.


Alternatively, use this online enrolment form

And lastly,

3. Book an appointment and donate. Every donation you make goes toward our group’s tally!



· Before donating, check to confirm you are eligible by taking the eligibility quiz.

· For those who travel frequently, you can still donate plasma after travelling


Reminder on donation day:

· You must be feeling well

· Bring along your Photo ID or Donor Card

· Eat something substantial within 3 hours before your donation.

· Drink 3-4 glasses water within 3 hours before your donation.


Where to donate

Find your nearest donation location here

Get involved in other ways

If you are unable to donate blood, there are other ways to get involved. At Tuggeranong Cricket Club, the clubhouse will be decked in red to accompany an afternoon tea. Additionally, Tuggeranong players will be wearing red armbands and encourage all other players to follow suit.

Spread the word

Lastly, broaden your impact by recruiting some teammates, family or friends to help. With each donation saving potentially three lives, imagine how many lives we can save together with Cricket ACT Donate for Jake Round.