The competition moves into Round 3 this weekend and will be played as a 50 overs per side fixture for the remaining rounds of this season.

The tournament allows the best in the region to play against their peers and allows Cricket ACT and the wider community to see the next generation of talent being produced locally. Head Coach of Cricket ACT Kyle Piper with his team of coaches were in attendance to each game during round 1 and 2.

“The standard of play in rounds 1 and 2 was very pleasing and showed that there are plenty of aspiring players in the region,” Piper said.

“This competition forms a critical selection piece for players aiming for higher honours tournaments that are coming up in January and form an entry point to the Cricket Australia pathway.”

The Elite Under 19’s also allows local Premier Cricket Clubs a chance to see new and emerging players to potentially join their club for future seasons.

Each team will be playing 10am this Sunday – visit MyCricket for the fixtures and results

“The opportunity for players to play on 1st grade facilities, playing with and against their peers whilst being mentored by credentialed coaches and senior players from within our community provides a great experience for our Under 19’s that they may not have had access to previously.”

Round 3 Selected Teams

CBR North

Josh Low-McMahon

Esam Rahman

Nick Groenewegen

Miles Aubrey

Dylan Fernando

Alex Corver

Ben Matesic

Samuel Taylor

Riain O'Sullivan

Abdullah Haroon

Aum Patel

Harison Jones

Coach - Scott Murn

CBR East

Sid Girrish

Jack Manners

Quentin Moffatt

Tom Phelps

Tom Thuaux

Oliver Fox

Sam Frost

Duane Bush

Abhinash Kumar

Jackson Boyd

Aidan Perera

Liam Pierlot

Coach - Leigh Walker

Coach - Hayden Page

CBR South

Julen Sanchez

Josh Myburgh

Jay Allen

Tom Seaman

Connor Welfare

Tyler Hays

Minh Ngo

Nic Martiniello

Sam Costello

Aidan Cowie

Jackson Wise

Ben Cadden

Coach - Robbie Trickett

Coach - James Dyer

CBR West

Thomas Ison

Matthew Hogan

Ethan Fitzpatrick

Connor Brown

Harry Chittick

Nathan Miller

Alex Baccarini

Kris Ravinathula

Isaac Deeker

Jarad Magyar

Harrison Whitelum

Darshima Green

Coach - Ben Peel

Coach - Damian Whitelum

South East

Jack Allen

Lachlan Brennan

Matthew Lawson

Jay Stafford

Angus Tarpey

Zac Harlow

Tom Kellar

Zac Wels

James Cahill

Quinn Fletcher-Barry

Tynan Taylor

Zak Keough

Jayden Hayhorn

Coach - Adam Blacka

Coach - Boyd Brennan

Southern Tablelands

Jack Goodwin

Ollie Anable

Tristan Klower

Josh Wearne

Danyon Bush

Liam Mullins

Macleay Robinson

Jake Patterson

Josh Patterson

Brad Smith

Braden McCarten

Coach - Stu Wearne

Coach - Kurt Southwell