More than 120 junior cricketers took part in the Emerging programs this season, and the Emerging Cup sees all players take part in a Twenty20 competition to end what has been a busy season.

This year, the winners of the Emerging Cup was the Emerging Comets Under 12's side (pictured). 

The Emerging program is for the best and brightest junior cricketers in the Canberra region, and following the Emerging Cup a 'Squad of the Year' was selected to recognise the players who have performed and developed the most over the past season. 

Former ACT Meteor Rebecca Maher was named as the coach of the squad after fulfilling the role of Under 15 Emerging Meteors Head Coach. Bec retired from playing at the end of last season, and has thrown herself into helping the next generation of young local aspiring female cricketers. 

ACT Emerging Squad of the Year

Hugh Taylor - Emerging Comets Under 11

Nathan Kerr - Emerging Comets Under 11

Sam Meyer - Emerging Comets Under 12

Oliver Withers - Emerging Comets Under 12

Blake Faunce - Emerging Comets Under 13

James Day - Emerging Comets Under 13

Lachlan Reid - Emerging Comets Under 14

Felix Bennett - Emerging Comets Under 14

Ryan Wunsch - Emerging Comets Under 15

Tom Kellar - Emerging Comets Under 15

Grace Lyons - Emerging Meteors Under 13

Monica Gair - Emerging Meteors Under 15

Clare Levings - Emerging Meteors Under 15

Rebecca Maher - Coach


Congratulations to everyone selected