The ACT Rockets have qualified for their fourth consecutive grand final after defeating Queensland by four runs in the major semi-final at the 2018 Australian Indoor Cricket Championships in Toowoomba.

Queensland were then defeated by Victoria in the preliminary final later that night seeing the Victorians through to their first grand final since 2014 in Melbourne.

Tim Floros and Brock Winkler have led the way with the bat for the ACT Rockets, both scoring over 150 runs while Tim Floros and Benji Floros lead the way with the ball, taking sixteen wickets each so far. For the ACT Rockets, Luke Ryan will undergo a fitness test in the morning to see if he can be cleared to play after suffering a knee injury against Victoria earlier in the week.

“The Rockets are excited about making another grand final, the fact that we are playing against Victoria will provide a fierce, unrelenting flavor of Indoor Cricket.” said ACT Rockets manager Marie Hart.

The Victorians have a side with several talented players including Big Bash players Clive Rose and Trent Lawford. Statistically, Jarrod Armitage appears to be the biggest threat for Victoria, scoring 167 runs so far in the tournament.

The game starts at 2:30pm on Saturday and will be live streamed through the Cricket Australia Indoor page.