Volunteers will play a vital role in ensuring the T20 World Cup is the most inclusive and accessible cricket tournament ever played.

Across eight host cities there will be a wide range of roles, including 
client and customer service, media and broadcast, drivers, operational support and hospitality.

Fast-paced, high-energy cricket and pulsating entertainment! Volunteers will be the face of the tournament. We’re looking for passionate, energetic and a welcoming groupto make a direct contribution to the delivery of a spectacular celebration in 2020! You’ll gain important skills, meet new people and contribute to a world-class tournament!

Nick Hockley, CEO of the ICC T20 World Cup Australia 2020, said: “Volunteers make sport tick, volunteers make community tick. We’re looking to build a team with the passion, the energy, that can come together and deliver the most incredible event in 2020. Events that make Australia proud, and give a really warm welcome to all the fans that are going to be coming from all over the world next year.”

Applications to get involved aren't far away so make sure you keep up to date by following the T20 socials or visit our website www.t20worldcup.com