This Sunday a triple header of T20 matches is scheduled for Manuka Oval.

Kingsgrove Cup is a T20 competition which involves premier clubs from around NSW and ACT. This competition allows performing ACT players to get exposure to a higher quality level of competition.

An unfortunate blow to captain Jono Dean will give the opportunity for Shane Devoy to captain the ACT Comets against Campbelltown-Camden and Blacktown this weekend.

With three years’ experience in this competition, he is familiar with other players and is keeping a close eye on Jake Fawcett and, Samuel Skelly this weekend and is not worried about the cohesion of the Comets.

“We have a pretty close cricketing community here in Canberra” Shane Devoy said

“We know each other quite well. So, I don’t think there will be any issues come this Sunday.”

Canberra ACE’s will be taking the field this Sunday 9:30 am to play in the Plan B Regional Bash.  This competition will see regional teams from ACT and NSW in a pool styled cup. With captain Matt Condon eager to perform and Head Coach Kyle Piper impressed with the high-quality players.  Manuka Oval is going to provide high quality entertainment. 

Match Details

Plan B Regional Bash

ACT Aces v South Coast Crew, October 29, 9.30am, Manuka Oval

Selected squad: Matt Condon (C), Ethan Bartlett, Corey Spink, Blake Dean, Harry Medhurst, Tim Floros, Daniel Leerdam, Ben Mitchell, Mark Solway, Josh Wattling (WK), Luke Ryan, Ollie Anable, Jordie Misic

Kingsgrove Sports T20 Cup

ACT v Campbelltown-Camden, October 29, 12.45pm, Manuka Oval

ACT v Blacktown, October 29, 4.00pm, Manuka Oval

Selected squad: Aiden Blizzard, Corey Spink, John Rogers, Harry Medhurst, Michael Spaseski, Dean Solway, Tom Engelbrecht, Tom Vane Tempest (WK), Shane Devoy (C), Charlie Morris, Djali Bloomfield, Sam Taylor, Cameron Suidgeest, Benji Floros