Christopher Henry was named in the 50 and over side while Jason Hays, Vinesh Bennett, Nathan Rennie, Billy Floros and Preston Hart were all named in the 40 and over All Star team. Jason Hays was also named the 'Player of the Series' for his strong performances. 

The all-star teams were selected by a combination of coaches votes, umpires votes and statistics across the duration of the Championships. 

See below for the full all-star teams across the four divisions. 

35 & Over All Star Side 

Brendon Kleidon (QLD) 

Craig Cumming (QLD) 

Liam Zammit (NSW) 

Brett Collison (NSW) 

Barry Richards (NSW) 

Kevin Birchert (QLD) 

Bryan Grumley (QLD) 

Chris Betheras (NQ) 

Tony Festera (QLD) 

Shane Kelly (QLD) 


Coach: John McLochlan 


40 & Over All Star Side 

Jason Hays (ACT) 

Matthew Jenkins (QLD) 

Vinesh Bennett (ACT) 

Tode Biracoski (NSW) 

Stewart James (QLD) 

Nathan Rennie (ACT) 

William Floros (ACT) 

Preston Hart (ACT) 

Jason Smit (NSW) 

Scott Rainbow (QLD) 


Coach: Rod Jenkins

45 & Over All Star Side

Paul Wilson (WA) 

Brett Williams (WA) 

Peter Bastow (NSW) 

Stephen Simons (NSW) 

David Stanton (NSW) 

Adam Laird (NQ) 

Wayne Brand (QLD) 

Damian Boardman (WA) 

David Bowden (QLD) 

Les Ham (QLD) 


Coach: Dennis Papworth 


50 & Over All Star Side

Barry Morrison (NQ) 

Edward Marriner (QLD) 

Darren Woodman (QLD) 

Damian O'Hara (WA) 

Christopher Henry (ACT) 

Wayne Glase (NQ) 

Andrew Burns (NSW) 

Tony Plose (VIC) 

Lee Morphew (QLD) 

Phil Shannon (NSW) 


Coach: Michael Alldridge