Key Information:

- Starting Tuesday 29th October

- For women aged 16+

- 7-week competition run on Tuesday nights at O'Connor Oval

- 8 players max on field per team (Teams can have as many players as they like in their team)

- 16 over games (Bat in pairs for 2 overs and each player bowls 1 over)

- Shorter pitch length, 25-30 metre boundaries and softer ball

- $100 per person for the whole competition

- You can enter as a team or an individual

ACT Meteor and Project Leader for the Social League, Anna Lanning, states “we are providing a platform for women to develop their skills and passion for the game in a fun, social environment.”

Women interested in cricket may feel discouraged to play competitively because of the equipment such as a hard ball, pads and helmet. This new Social League aims to overcome that barrier, Lanning said. “The Social League will be a great way to play cricket without the added pressure that those in the Premier Competitions experience.”

This effort stems from Cricket ACT’s determination to raise the profile and standard of Women's Cricket in the ACT. It will form a solid foundation from which the Premier Competition will be strengthened and create a genuine 2nd Grade Competition. However, for those who just want to play in a fun, casual manner – the Social League will do just that.

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