The experienced Zimbabwean international is now living in Canberra, joining Eastlake as a player and coach. A new challenge for him; he appreciates the new environment and is fitting in well.

“It’s a completely different setup than what I’m experienced with so it’s a good challenge. It’s an opportunity for me to hone my coaching skills, looking after the side with Adam Tett, working in conjunction with him as well as playing.”

Sibanda played international cricket for 13 years, across all three formats, from 2003 to 2016. His international career encompassed 14 Tests, 127 ODIs and 26 T20Is, including both 50-over and 20-over World Cups.

As an opening batter, he impressed selectors early on with his superb ability to time the ball off the front and back foot. When asked about the highlight of his career, he thought back to where it began, his Test debut in 2003 against the West Indies.

“There’s nothing more than playing for and representing your country, I think that’s everyone’s dream. Just that in itself is very special. My first match, my test debut was a memorable experience and something that I’ll never forget”

In recent years Sibanda has begun transitioning from a player to a coach. He worked as a batting consultant and coach for the Zimbabwe Women’s national team, and the Zimbabwe Under 19s. His experience is a valuable addition to Cricket ACT's rank of skilled coaches.

When speaking about what advice has stuck with him, that he likes to pass on to aspiring cricketers, he discussed resilience and passion.

“The game of cricket is full of ups and downs. It’s more of a mental game than anything else. But if you can tune in mentally and be mentally tough, as much as there’s more downs in a game of cricket, it’s all about picking yourself up and going again. It’s easier to get to the top, but it’s also quite difficult to stay there.”

“If you’ve got the heart and passion, you will pull through. Talent in itself won’t carry you, so you’ve got to have all three. Those are the keys things I would say that one should remember.”

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