Blind Cricket

The team at Blind Cricket ACT is working hard to empower individuals who are blind or living with low vision by fostering a community that promotes inclusivity, growth and resilience.

Blind Cricket ACT is dedicated to providing a supportive and dynamic environment where every member has the opportunity to thrive. Through our passion for cricket, we aim to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and build a future where blindness is not a limitation but a source of strength


  • Empowerment and Inclusivity – foster a community that empowers individuals with visual challenges, promoting inclusivity, personal growth, and resilience through the transformative power of cricket.
  • Breaking Barriers – challenge stereotypes and break down societal barriers by using cricket as a catalyst for change, creating an environment where blindness is viewed not as a limitation but as a unique source of strength.
  • Advocacy for Equality – extend our commitment beyond the cricket field, advocating for accessibility and equal opportunities, and working towards a future where the blind and visually impaired can fully embrace their potential in all aspects of life.


  • Junior Program
  • Training
  • Community Capacity Building
  • Nationals

National Approach

Blind Cricket ACT and Blind Cricket Tasmania have proactively forged a collaborative relationship and in 2023 and 2024 have sent a joint team to the National Cricket Inclusion Championships.

This strategic alliance aims to leverage the strengths and talents of visually impaired cricketers across both regions, fostering a unified team that not only competes at the highest level but also exemplifies the spirit of inclusivity and collaboration.

Through joint training sessions, shared resources, and a collective commitment to excellence, this partnership seeks to create a powerhouse team that transcends geographical boundaries, setting a precedent for unity and diversity in the world of blind cricket.

The action plan involves aligning coaching strategies, coordinating practice schedules, and facilitating seamless communication to ensure the success of this joint endeavour symbolising the synergy between Blind Cricket ACT and Blind Cricket Tasmania in championing the cause of inclusive sportsmanship.

Players involved from the ACT region can be seen on our Blind Cricket ACT players page.

Left: Nicole Roland of ACT/TAS Blind Cricket team plays a shot in the Blind and Low Vision division during the 2024 National Cricket Inclusion Championships (NCIC) at Marchant Park on January 20, 2024 in Brisbane (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images for Cricket Australia). Right: group photo of the ACT/TAS Blind Cricket team at NCIC.

Blind Cricket ACT Committee

  • President Jason Schmidt
  • Secretary – Robert Altamore
  • Treasurer – Jespah Soegeng
  • Head Coach – Chris Hartshorn

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For more information about Blind Cricket ACT and its offerings to those who are blind or living with low vision, please contact Blind Cricket ACT or follow on Facebook.


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