CA Coach App

The CA Coach App is designed to support and promote ongoing development of coaches, parents, players, teachers & umpiring community who are engaged at volunteer, community, and representative levels across Australia. It houses a huge number of videos, guides, and resources. A definitive resource for coaches, parents, players, teachers, and umpires to improve their knowledge of the game.


Coaches Corner

Your one stop coaching shop to develop your coaching knowledge consuming bite size content at your own pace. Improve your knowledge of the game and how to deliver great coaching sessions for your players and teams. 

What’s in the CA Coach app for you?

  • Establish a deep understanding of the game through the ‘Insiders Tips’ series.
  • Become a more effective coach by completing a self-assessment using the ‘Coaching Tips
  • Engage your players by learning to design activities using ‘Training Planner’ that create fun skill development opportunities.
  • Access the learning and development you need in e ‘Coaching Essentials’ section.


Players Corner

Explore the game and improve your playing skills by learning from the best in the game and save your favorite videos so that you can hone in on a skill you would like to focus on developing.

What’s in the CA Coach app for you?

  • Use the mental skills series to become a great ‘Above the Shoulder’ players.
  • Hear from professional players to enhance your understanding of the development journey through ‘Master Classes’ series.
  • Check out the ‘Insiders Tips’ section make sure your knowledge of the game is spot on
  • Try out the new ‘Str8bat cricket technology and use data to improve your game.
  • Own your development outside of your training sessions through ‘Physical Preparation’ section.


Parents Corner

Help your child to make the most of their sporting experience, as parents you are our kids’ biggest supporters and role model. You always play one of the most important roles in your child’s development and enhancing your understanding of your role is very critical.

What’s in the CA Coach app for you?

  • Learn how to maximize sporting and cricketing opportunities for your children through ‘Parents Corner’.
  • Create environments that are positive and focused on long term development through ‘Building Blocks’ section.
  • Understand what’s important from your child’s perspective – what does your child needs from you to be successful, through ‘Understanding Kids’ series.
  • The more people we have involved better the whole coaching and playing experience will be for everyone involved and learn how to be a ‘Parent Coach’.
  • Hear from renowned specialist n how to handle those ‘Tricky Situations’.


Teachers Corner

Cricket offers the full array of fundamental motor skill development, where you need to be at your best every time that you coach. Great content designed by experienced physical educators for you to use.

What’s in the Ca Coach app for you?

  • Designed activities to challenge and improve involvement for youngsters in 'Mascot Challenge Brain Break' section.
  • Explore fantastic lesson plans and activities that can be used in all cricket environments in ‘Games & Activities’ section.
  • Explore all areas of cricket to expand your knowledge in delivering great cricket experiences in ‘Cricket Classroom’ section.
  • Access everything that you need for training your kids using ‘home activities’.

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