ACT's Guy Randell to receive baggy green as Over 50s tour UK & Ireland

Veterans Cricket ACT's Guy Randell commences his campaign today with the Over 50s Australian cricket team on the UK and Ireland tour.

Guy is captain of the ACT Over 50s representative team and his selection in the Australian squad is recognition of his performances over the past two National Championships.

Guy played for Queanbeyan 2nd Grade in 2023/24 and the Tuggeranong Veterans 2023/24 side. He is a significant contributor to the ACT outdoor and indoor landscape, assist with the ACT representative junior program and is a sponsor of teams, and clubs across cricket in the local region.   

Over the next three weeks Guy will play 10 games with Internationals against Ireland, Wales, India and an Ashes v England, as well as two games against county sides Essex and Sussex.  

We caught up with Guy while he was in transit to the UK and asked him some questions about his excitement leading into the tour. Read more in our Q&A with Guy below.

Good luck to Guy and the entire Aussie team on tour.

How excited were you to be selected in the Over 50s AUS squad?

It was a an extremely exciting time realising a lifelong dream to play for my country. I can’t wait to get my baggy green (which I'm sure will include tears) and hear the national anthem for the first time.  All the hard work and every weekend away from home has been worth it and my wife can now see the payoff of being a cricket widow for 30 years (she gets a trip to UK!).

What are you most looking forward to about the tour?

My debut and walking onto the field with the Australian uniform on. Getting to forge new lifelong relationships with all the team and staff, and getting to do it in front of my kids and wife.

How long have you been playing cricket for? 

I have continually played every year since I was six, which is now 45 years straight. I'm still playing 2nd Grade with Queanbeyan and playing with my son Kai. I'm also now enjoying Masters locally with friends and then captaining the ACT at Nationals.

Nationals is something that has reinvigorated me and realised the opportunities, skill level and competitiveness at this level. We have a bit to go in ACT getting the best of our former players to compete at Nationals, but I hope people see opportunities like I have been given and want to do the same.

What is your favourite thing about playing cricket?

The banter, lifelong friendships and the competition. It's still just mind over matter and bat versus ball. No matter what grade or level, I still have that fire. Playing with my son is now the icing on the cake and I will keep going till I play with my daughter in grade as well.

What are you expecting while on tour?

The cricket should be exceptional with lots of ex first-class players for the International sides as everyone prepares for the World Cup in Sri Lanka in February 2025, and trying to find their best teams to represent their countries.

It's one of those pinch yourself moments that will all become real once I step on that field, and as most in the cricket community know, I won’t back down, I'll give it my all.   

What are your hopes for Veterans cricket moving forward?

Locally our veterans program is growing and is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia and as mentioned before we are on a recruiting drive across all ages and divisions to get the best to represent the ACT against the other states and bring home a national title, and we aren’t far off.

The National 55s carnival is held in Canberra this year and I think that is a catalyst for some of the best to see exactly how good the competition is and want to be a part of it. Once you play you become a champion for others to get involved.

The mateship and mental health is a major factor for a lot of men and women. The release and just simple conversations that happen provide respite for a lot of people, and help them to feel connected.  And, where else do you get to represent your country at 50 and travel the world and do what you love? It's pretty exciting and I can’t wait. 

If you're interested in joining our veterans' cricketers, please contact Veterans Cricket ACT.

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